Super Dinosaur #7

by Alan Rapp on January 11, 2012

in Comics

Super Dinosaur #7Issue #7 isn’t a bad issue, but it does feel like filler and the major storylines seem to be on hold for an episode focused on Super Dinosaur, Derek, and the rest of the team having the day off to recoup.

We get scene where Derek and SD discuss the difficulty in their new awesome training simulation, but almost none of the training makes the comic. Super Dinosaur is at its best when it throws caution to the wind and amps up the action. Here was a perfect chance to give us a little in an issue that was going to be more character-driven but it’s quickly glossed over.

As Derek and Erin spend some time racing Wheels and Pixie, and SD and Erica spend more time bonding over video games, the rest of the comic deals with the upheaval at Castle Maximus after the capture of Max Maximus and Squidious being thrown out by his minions. As to the mystery over Doctor Dynamo‘s missing wife we may, may finally get some movement on that story in the next issue. For fans.

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