The Shadow #14

by Alan Rapp on June 19, 2013

in Comics

The Shadow #14The Shadow comes face-to-face with the self-appointed angel of death and gets his butt kicked by the dual-katana wielding vigilante known as The Light. The Shadow is unable to stop the glowing assassin before she makes an attempt on another man’s life, he is however able to get the man to a nearby hospital. Sadly, it’s not safe enough from her reach.

So far I like the idea of The Light better than the execution, but it is nice to see The Shadow come up against a rival with a purpose and (far different skill set) to rival his own. The comic ends with Lamont Cranston putting the entire legion of The Shadow’s eyes and ears on the case to find the mysterious woman.

I’m curious to see how long it will take The Shadow to turn his gaze on the nun at the dead man’s hospital who matches both The Light’s description and temperament, or if it will be another member of his network that makes the discovery. For fans.

[Dynamite Entertainment, $3.99]

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