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by Alan Rapp on October 30, 2008

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It doesn’t seem that long ago that the CBS was the senior citizen network.  Taking a gander at today’s CBS made me notice a wider variety of shows (well, those that aren’t CSI spin-offs) and a healthy supply of beautiful leading and supporting actresses.  Today we’ll count down ten of the lovely ladies of CBS .

Just a few facts about the list itself before we get started.  All the ladies below are starring in shows currently airing on CBS.  To whittle down the list, and for some diversity, I also chose no more than one woman from a particular show.  And I chose only actresses; you won’t find “reality”-TV or gameshow contestants on the list.  Honorable mentions who didn’t make the list include Alyson Hannigan, Poppy Montgomery, Rachel Boston and Elizabeth Reaser.  Now on with the show!


Pauley Perrette
“And you wonder why you’re still single.”

Current show – NCIS

Best known for her current role, you might also know her from The Ring, Almost Famous, and guest-roles on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Dawson’s Creek, and JAG.  She was also the lead singer for the former girl-band Lo-Ball.  For more check out Pauley Perette Online and Absolute Pauley Perette.


Robin Tunney
“I went to rock and roll heaven, and I wasn’t on the guest list.”

Current show – The Mentalist

You might also know her from Prison Break, Empire Records, The Craft, Hollywoodland, and End of Days.  Memorable moments on the tube include guest-starring on the Pilot of House, M.D., and coming in second on the 8th season of Celebrity Poker Showdown.  For more check out Robin-Tunney.com.


Emily Procter
“Aren’t I delightful?”

Current show – CSI: Miami

You might also recognize her from Jerry Maguire, Breast Men, Body Shots, Big Momma’s House 2 and guest-starring as Lana Lang on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.  I have to admit my crush on her began on her one season stint as blonde Republican sex kitten Ansley Hayes on The West Wing.  For more check out her official site.


Navi Rawat
“Yeah, but that wouldn’t have been as much fun.”

Current show – Numb3rs

All I need to say about her current role as a mathematician is smart girls are sexy.  You might also know her from The O.C., Feast, Thoughtcrimes, House of Sand and Fog and her guest-roles on Without a Trace, Angel, 24, and Roswell.  For more check out Navi-Rawat.com and The Many Faces of Navi Rawat.


Paula Marshall
“Do you thhink your career progress is being thwarted by your inability to make a parallelogram?”

Current show – Gary Unmarried

Marshall might be the queen of the canceled series – the underrated Cupid, Cursed, Snoops, Hidden Hills, Shark and Out of Practice.  You may also have seen her on numerous guest-roles on Veronica Mars (killed off before her time), Just Shoot Me!, Nip/Tuck, Nash Bridges, Diagnosis Murder, Californication, and, in one of my favorites, as a porn star and love interest for Jeremy on Sports Night.  Comic geeks might also recognize her small role as Iris West on The Flash.


Roselyn Sanchez
“I’d put that knife away bitch, before you have an accident.”

Current show – Without a Trace

The former Miss Puerto Rico Petite began her acting career with small roles in films like Captain Ron and Held Up as well as spending two years on As the World Turns before getting her big break in Rush Hour 2.  You might also know her from Basic, Underclassmen, Edison, Boat Trip, and as a recurring character on the short-lived L.A. Dragnet.  For more check out Roselyn Central.


Jennifer Love Hewitt
“You killed James Brown.”

Current show – Ghost Whisperer

Early career highlights include Kids Incorporated, Shaky Ground, and The Byrds of Paradise before earning fame on Party of Five and its spin-off Time of Your Life.  You might also know her from I Know What You Did Last Summer, Trojan War, Can’t Hardly Wait, The Tuxedo, and Heartbreakers.  She has also worked as a recording artist releasing six albums (many only overseas) and has appeared in commercials for Hanes and Proactiv.  For more check out her official website.


Kaley Cuoco
“Ok, sweetie, I know you think you are explaining yourself, but you’re really not.”

Current show – The Big Bang Theory

The sexy girl next door.  She is most recognized from her roles as the older daughter on 8 Simple Rules and Billie on the final season of Charmed.  You might also know her from Virtuosity, First Monday, The Hollow, and voice work on Brandy & Mr. Whiskers and Monster Allergy, and made-for-TV movies Crimes of Fashion and To Be Fat Like Me.  For more check out the Kaley Cuoco Source and Kaley Cuoco Online.


Marley Shelton
“If the O.J. trial taught us anything it taught us that, in America, you can cut somebody’s head off and still be innocent as long as you have enough money.”

Current show – Eleventh Hour

You might also know her from The Sandlot, Pleasantville, Never Been Kissed, Sugar and Spice, Valentine, Bubble Boy, Uptown Girls, Sin City, American Dreamz, Planet Terror, and W. For more check out Marley-Shelton.com.


Cobie Smulders
“For a whole year I lived off Orange Juliuses and Wetzel Pretzels.”

Current show – How I Met Your Mother

Smuldering.  When Ted fell for Robin at first sight on the first episode of How I Met Your Mother there was no argument from me.  The Canadian beauty has a great sense of comic timing and not too shabby 80’s dance moves.  She starred on the short-lived Veritas: The Quest, The Long Weekend, and Ill Fated.  You might also know her from guest-roles in Tru Calling, Smallville, Andromeda, and The L Word.  For more check out Cobie-Smulders.com or google “Robin Spakles.”

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