A Tree of Palme

by Sarah on June 4, 2008

in Anime Reviews 

  • Title: Parumu no Ki
  • IMDB: link

A Tree of Palme is basically a futuristic Pinocchio tale.  Just like the Disney movie, a small wooden puppet with the name of Palme ventures out into the world to become more humanly.

Palme was originally created to care for the creator’s ailing wife Xian.  When a mysterious woman named Koram, who turns out to be a ghost, gives him the Egg of Touto he vows to protect it.  Koram entrusts little Palme with a big mission to deliver the egg to Tama, the world below.

After attempting to pay attention for 30 minutes I ended up shutting it off.  It moved too slow for me, and it was just too weird.  I was hoping when I picked this one out that it would be good, but I couldn’t even watch it.  The story may have been too slow and too dry for me, but the animation is beautiful.  So sorry for the insanely short review this time, hopefully next week I’ll pick out a good movie or series that I will actually pay attention to.  The one star is for the sheer beauty in the animation by the way.

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