InuYasha the Movie: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass

by Sarah on March 12, 2008

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Back in November, I reviewed Inuyasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time where I explained that Inuyasha does not require any extreme knowledge, just some basics.  The movie is set in two times, feudal Japan and present time.  The character Kagome is the one who travels back and forth across the time barrier to continue her normal life in present time and to help Inuyasha with the Shikon Jewel in feudal Japan.

Inuyasha 2
4 Stars

Inuyasha is still one of my favorite series.  When I mentioned it to a fellow anime-buff, they told me I must watch the subbed versions, not the Adult Swim version.  Way better in his opinion, so I must take that advice and re-watch the entire series.

The same old crew is in this film, so don’t worry I’m sure your favorite didn’t get left out.


The story dives with Inuyasha transformed in his human state.  Since he is a half breed he spends one day a month completely defenseless.  With him being utterly useless he stays in the hut, his friends set out to defeat Naraku, who is near by and attacking.  Naraku is the central antagonist in the series, but was not included in the first movie.  Kagome is on Shippo’s back trying to attack Naraku with her sacred arrows, but Shippo gets worried as usual and ends up leading Naraku straight to Inuyasha.  Naraku demolishes the hut where Inuyasha is hiding just as the sun rises.  Luckily, the sun rose too, transforming him back into a demon.  Inuyasha is back and ready to fight, the team works together to defeat Naraku once and for all.

All of this takes place in a matter of minutes.  From the time you see Inuyasha as a human, to the end of the opening credits for the film, they defeated their most difficult nemesis.  That sounds a little far-fetched to me.  The fight seemed far too easy, but the big-ass vacuum in Miroku’s hand disappeared, so it must be true.

The rest of the story is centered around a new demon named Kaguya, the Princess of the Heavens, or so everyone believes.  Kaguya has a knack for using people to get what she wants, she obtains Naraku’s minions, Kagura and Kanna.  Kagura and Kanna do her bidding for a while, but Inuyasha and the gang are attracted to her since she is powerful.  Kaguya offers Inuyasha his biggest desire, and for a second it looks like he had fallen for her trap.


After watching the series, the first movie and now this one, I would have to still agree that Inuyasha is still one of my favorites.  I still enjoy the silly saga, the cheesy dubbing and the characters stories.  Yes, Sango meets up with Kohaku, for those who wondered.  Yes, Inuyasha and Kagome kiss, in case you thought you heard that.  Moreover, the gang splits up for a second, but is quickly drawn together like magnets.  Fans of Inuyasha the series will enjoy this, but you don’t necessarily need to see the first movie, since they don’t correlate.

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