Kill la Kill – So Sexy She Might Pass Out

by Alan Rapp on June 20, 2017

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  • Title: Kill la Kill – So Sexy She Might Pass Out
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Kill la Kill - So Sexy She Might Pass Out review

The second episode of Kill la Kill begins to supply some answers, although not one to the burning question which drives Ryūko Matoi (Ami Koshimizu). Here we learn that her sexy new uniform is a Kamui which was created by her father and, despite its obvious powers, it does have some limitations. Ryūko is forced to disengage from combat twice in this episode, once at the beginning and once after her defeat of the Tennis Club Captain Omiko Hakodate (Chiaki Takahashi), and neither time is able to press her advantage to demand answers from Student Council President Satsuki Kiryūin (Ryôka Yuzuki) and demand the identity of her father’s killer.

Along with a few answers, the show’s second episode also continues to build a support structure for Ryūko. Mako‘s (Aya Suzaki) family gladly takes her in when she needs respite and chance to heal, and her teacher Aikurō Mikisugi (Shin’ichirô Miki), when not blatantly coming on to her, offers some help in understanding how her Kamui works and providing her a Seki Tekkō to help activate it when needed. While Aikurō definitely wants to assist in Ryūko’s disruption of the Honnōji Academy unlike Mako it’s unclear just what his true motivation might be.

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