A Million Little Things

  • Title: A Million Little Things – Band of Dads
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A Million Little Things - Band of Dads television review

The show’s second episode continues to focus on the group grieving over the loss of John (Ron Livingston) and Gary (James Roday), Rome (Romany Malco), Eddie (David Giuntoli) stepping in to pick up the slack. While most of the story features the teenage daughter (Lizzy Greene) struggling to deal with the loss and the fact that John has appeared to leave a safety net for everyone else except her on he eve of a daddy-daughter dance, the episode has a couple of more subtle moments between Gary and John’s son (Tristan Byon) who is afraid he knows why his father committed suicide. It’s in these moments that the show continues to shine the brightest. The episode also continues to focus on how little the group knows about Maggie Allison Miller) who appears to have been permanently adopted at this point and Rome continuing to struggle with John’s death and his own suicide attempt.

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A Million Little Things – Pilot

by Alan Rapp on September 29, 2018

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  • Title: A Million Little Things – Pilot
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A Million Little Things - Pilot television review

I have one major complaint about the “Pilot” episode of A Million Little Things, something which I believe my fester and eventually kill my interest in the show, but there is actually quite a bit of good to talk about first. The set-up involves two friends in a small circle both attempting suicide on the same day. One dies (Ron Livingston), and the other (Romany Malco), after learning of his friend’s death, chooses to remain in the land of the living. During the lead up to the funeral, we introduced to the group which includes the departed man’s wife Sopie (Lizzy Greene), breast cancer survivor and womanizer Gary (James Roday), the depressed Rome (Malco), and the unemployed former rocker turn music teacher Eddie (David Giuntoli). Rounding out the cast are the men’s signigant others (Christina Marie Moses, Grace Park, and Allison Miller).

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