• Title: Timeless – The World’s Columbian Exposition
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Timeless - The World's Columbian Exposition television review

While I enjoyed some of the groundwork laid in the first couple episodes of Timeless, the show didn’t grab me enough to keep my interest week to week. Checking back in after a few episodes, I discover Lucy (Abigail Spencer) is the prisoner of Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic) who has abducted the historian to the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair in hopes of forcing Lucy to help him kill three important members of the secret organization known as Rittenhouse: Thomas Edison (Link Baker), Henry Ford, and J.P. Morgan (Marcus Hondro). To keep Wyatt (Matt Lanter) and Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) out their hair, Flynn’s men lead the other time travelers into the World’s Fair Hotel, better known as the Murder Castle and home to notorious serial killer H.H. Holmes (Joel Johnstone).

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  • Title: Timeless – The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
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Timeless - The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

The second episode of the new series sends our three intrepid time travelers back to 1865 on the day Abraham Lincoln (Michael Krebs) was assassinated. While we know Flynn (Goran Visnjic) has plans to change history, once again the episode obscures what his true motives are as history plays out (for the most part) in much the same way. Meanwhile, Lucy (Abigail Spencer), Wyatt (Matt Lanter), and Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) have their own internal debate about possibly doing more than just stopping Rufus and saving Lincoln from assassination. Assuming Flynn is after the other targets of the assassination plot, Lucy and her team split-up to cover the targets. Successful in that none of the other men were killed there’s still the lingering question over how much Flynn’s changes effected their own timeline.

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Timeless – Pilot

by Alan Rapp on October 7, 2016

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  • Title: Timeless – Pilot
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Timeless - Pilot

NBC’s new time-traveling sci-fi series stars Abigail Spencer as a world-renown historian, Matt Lanter as a U.S. soldier, and Malcolm Barrett as a computer tech who are thrown together on a makeshift team to track down a villain (Goran Visnjic) who has stolen a time machine and headed into the past to change history. Armed with only their wits, Lucy’s (Spencer) knowledge of history, and their own ship which is linked to the stolen time-sphere, the three begin their journey in 1937 where Flynn (Visnjic) targets the destruction of the Hindenburg for his own purposes.

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