Person of Interest – 6,741

by Alan Rapp on May 17, 2016

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  • Title: Person of Interest – 6,741
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Person of Interest - 6,741

Although there is a late twist in the episode you’re likely to see coming well before the reveal that explains both the title and what Shaw (Sarah Shahi) has been up to in the months since she was abducted by Samaritan operatives, “6,741” delivers an emotionally powerful episode as a damaged Shaw escapes Samaritan’s clutches. But, after months of psychological torture and a nasty new brain implant, can she be trusted or could Shaw be the Trojan Horse which Samaritan needs to destroy The Machine once and for all?

While offering fans the Shaw/Root (Amy Acker) reunion they have been clamoring for, the episode teases us with new disaster just around the corner as Shaw’s unpredictable behavior will get one member of the team killed. Or will it? The late reveal not only informs us about Shaw’s personal struggle but clues the audience into just how far Sameen has gone to prevent Samaritan from finding her friends. I don’t know that Shaw and Root’s eventual reunion will be as happy as the one we get here, but I’m guessing it will be at least as memorable.

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