Rookie Blue – You Can See the Stars

by Alan Rapp on September 14, 2013

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  • Title: Rookie Blue – You Can See the Stars
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Rookie Blue - You Can See the Stars

Rookie Blue goes out with a bang as the season finale begins with Oliver’s (Matt Gordon) abduction by Kevin Ford (Michael Cram) and ends with another member of 15 Division raced to the hospital with gunshot wounds. Along the way plenty of secrets will be dragged kicking and screaming into the light including Cruz’s (Rachael Ancheril) obsession which spurred on Ford’s vendetta against the police, the revelation that Ford might not actually be responsible for the crimes she charged him with, Gail (Charlotte Sullivan) beginning to come to terms with what Holly (Aliyah O’Brien) means to her, and the resurfacing of strong feelings between Andy (Missy Peregrym) and Swarek (Ben Bass) that haven’t subsided despite the fact that they are both in other relationships.

While 15 Division hunts down Ford, the man uses Oliver as bait to lure all but the final members of his hit list away from the station and boldly walks right in wearing Oliver’s stolen uniform. Meanwhile, in the episode’s other major plotline, Epstein (Gregory Smith) is forced to deal with the fact he has no ability to overrule Chloe’s husband (Clé Bennett) who refuses to let the doctors perform a risky procedure that could save Chloe’s (Priscilla Faia) life. Given the fact Chloe has moved on from this relationship I don’t expect much of a triangle after she awakes, but the unusual circumstances do put the current love of her life at a severe disadvantage to the man who is still legally her husband.

“You Can See the Stars” is a tense episode, particularly in the moments following Andy and Swarek’s discovery of Oliver’s stolen police car and their realization that the armed madman gunning for them all is loose within the station. There are also several dramatic moments, both big and small. I loved Diaz‘s (Travis Milne) nonjudgmental and accepting conversation with Gail as he quickly sees what the two women mean to each other, and his prodding to help Gail realize it as well. Nick‘s (Peter Mooney) heartbreak at seeing Andy nearly fall apart after Swarek’s shooting is devastating, and completely understandable. And finally Emily Hampshire has a pair of scenes worth mentioning, first dealing with the news of Oliver’s abduction and later the caring, yet playful, hospital scene as she watches over the man she loves. Despite the damage Ford does over these final two episodes, he appears to have brought several couples back together… at least for the short-term.

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