George Carlin

by Alan Rapp on June 25, 2008

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Sad news today folks.  George Carlin, the hardest working comedian around, died at the age of 71 due to heart failure on Sunday night in Santa Monica, California.  With a career spanning more than half a century Carlin continued to tour on college campuses and night clubs well after becoming a household name with his best-selling albums and books.  He will be most remembered for his famous bit on the “7 Words You Can’t Say on Television,” but he gave us so much more.  For his biting social commentary, his love of the absurd (and all those little things which we have in common), pushing the boundaries of comedy and good taste, and for so much more, he will be missed.  To honor his memory HBO has announced it will re-air many of Carlin’s specials (dating back to 1977) this week on both HBO and HBO2.  We’ve got some of his most memorable moments for you inside – Language (of course) is NSFW.

Most, if not all, of the following clips are NSFW.

The Seven Words You Can’t Say on Television

Talking About His Stuff

Stupid People

On Religion

The Artificially Inflated 10 Commandments

Great Idea to Fix Prisons

Difference between Baseball and Football

Politically Correct Language Run Amok

Airlines and Language

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