The Many Faces of Spider-Man

by Alan Rapp on April 30, 2007

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Many men have played Spider-Man.  How many can you name?  We’ve got the list and a little about each one of these Web Headsl.  Come and join us as we unmask these actors who each webbed their way into history as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.


Paul Soles

Over 52 years Paul Soales worked on many projects including roles on television series such as Alfred Hitchcock Presents, L.A. Law, F/X: the Series, and Terminal City .  He hosted Canada After Dark and Take Thirty.  The Canadian actor also voiced Hermie in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and both Bruce Banner and Rick Jones on Hulk.  In 1967 Soales was chosen to play Peter Parker and Spider-Man in the first Spider-Man cartoon which lasted three years and 77 episodes.


Danny Seagren

Fans of The Electric Company may not remember Danny Seagren’s name, but they looked forward to him showing up for “Spidey Super Stories.”  Seagren portrayed a mute Spider-Man who only communicated to the audience through thought balloons (thus making him the only one to never utter a single word!).  In addition to his work on The Electric Company, Seagren also provided voices and worked as crew for The Muppet Musicians of Bremen, Tales from Muppetland: The Frog Prince, and Miss Peach of the Kelly School.

Nicholas Hammond

Nicholas Hammond was chosen for the role of Spider-Man for the short-lived low-budget live-action television series – The Amazing Spider-Man.  As a child Hammond co-starred in The Sound of Music as one of the Van Trapp children, and played Robert in the 1963 adaption of Lord of the Flies.  After his stint as the web slinger, Hammond had various guest roles in television series such as Eight is Enough, The Love Boat, Magnum, P.I., Murder She Wrote, and Farscape.

Ted Schwartz

After a long hiatus animated Spider-Man episodes returned to television in a series simply called Spider-Man.  Voice actor Ted Schwartz was chosen to voice Peter Parker and Spider-Man.  Schwartz also later lent his voice to Transformers as the voice of Swerve, and G.I. Joe as the voice of Drednok Thrasher.  The twenty-six episode run would also launch a noteworthy successor.

Dan Gilvezan

Spidey left his solo adventures and picked up a pair of new friends for 24 episodes of a new show entitled Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends.  TV and voice actor Dan Gilvezan took over the role of Peter Parker and Spider-Man.  Gilvezan provided voices for several cartoons including Jem, The Jetsons, Fantastic Four, Rugrats, and he played Slip-Stream on G.I. Joe as well as providing the voice of Bumblebee on the Transformers.

Christopher Daniel Barnes

In the new 90’s incarnation of the animated hero Christopher Daniel Barnes was chosen to provide the voice for Peter Parker and Spider-Man for the 65 episode series run.  Barnes starred in the one season run of the television version of Starman, he played Ross Harper on Day by Day, and was Leonard Rickets for 25 episodes of Malcolm & Eddie.  Much like his predecessors, Barnes has been a common face guest starring on various television shows.

Rino Romano

Rino Romano provided the voice for the short-lived alternate-reality Spider-Man Unlimited.  He also currently provides the voice for Bruce Wayne and The Batman on The Batman.  Romano has also done voice work for several animated projects including Sailor Moon, Samurai Jack, Teen Titans, and Batman Beyond, and guest-starred on television series such as Tales from the Cryptkeeper, TekWar, Godzilla: The Series, and NYPD Blue.

Neil Patrick Harris

For MTV’s new wall crawler cartoon they choose Doogie Howser himself.  Known best for his role as a teenage doctor, Harris has also guest-starred on several television shows including Quantum Leap, Will & Grace, Ed, Numb3rs, and has found a new home on How I Met Your Mother as Barney Stinson.  He can also be seen in several films including Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, Undercover Brother, and Starship Troopers.

Tobey Maguire

When Marvel and Sam Rami teamed up to bring Spidey to the big screen they looked long and hard for the right actor.  For three films Tobey Maguire has played Peter Parker and Spider-Man.  While not wearing red and blue tights, Maguire has also made a career out of interesting movie roles in films such as Wonderboys, Seabiscuit, The Cider House Rules, Pleasantville, Ride with the Devil, The Ice Storm, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

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