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by Alan Rapp on July 5, 2007

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Just in time to be a late 4th of July present for us Yanks, the third season of Doctor Who premieres on the Sci-Fi Channel tomorrow night at 8:00/7:00.  The third season promises more Daleks, the “great secret” teased in season two, a new companion or two, William Shakespeare, and the return of the Doctor’s deadliest nemesis!  If that’s not enough Who, you can tune and watch a second season marathon beginning with “Rise of the Cybermen” at 8:00/7:00 am.  Check out a list of all fourteen third season episodes in the Full Diagnosis.

Doctor Who

Season Three Episodes

0. The Runaway Bride
1. Smith and Jones
2. The Shakespeare Code
3. Gridlock
4. Daleks in Manhattan (part 1)
5. Evolution of the Daleks (part 2)
6. The Lazarus Experiment
7. 42
8. Human Nature (part 1)
9. The Family of Blood (part 2)
10. Blink
11. Utopia (part 1)
12. The Sound of Drums (part 2)
13. Last of the Time Lords (part three)

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