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by Alan Rapp on June 26, 2007

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Thursday night marks the premiere of the new USA Network show Burn Notice starring Jeffrey Donovan as a spy who has been disavowed by the US Government and has been cast out without explanation.  The show, which also stars Gabrielle Anwar and RazorFine favorite Bruce “Don’t Call Me Ash!” Campbell,  premieres this Thursday night on USA at 10:00/9:00 central.  For more, including a short teaser, check out the Full Diagnosis.

Burn Notice

BURN NOTICE – An official statement by one intelligence agency to other agencies, domestic or foreign, that an individual or group is unreliable.


Jeffrey Donovan stars as Michael Western, an international spy who becomes disavowed and cut-off from his contacts and resources without explanation.  With no other recourse Western returns home to Miami to put the pieces together and put his unique skills to use for profit to fund his own investigation about what caused his current situation.

Gabrielle Anwar (For Love or Money, Scent of a Woman) stars as a former IRA operative and ex-girlfriend of Western and Bruce Campbell (Army of Darkness, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., Man With the Screaming Brain) stars as a washed-out military intelligence officer being used to keep tabs on Western.

This marks the second attempt for the USA Network to structure a show around Donovan to go with the network’s gem Monk.  2004’s Touching Evil started with an intriguing premise but failed to catch-on before being cancelled after twelve episodes.  Here’s hoping this one fares better.  For more on the show check out the official site.

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