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by Alan Rapp on October 5, 2006

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The new fall season is now in full swing boys and girls, and we’ve got a look what you can find, where you can find it, and what to watch.  There’s a whole slew of new and returning shows hitting those idiot box airwaves in the coming week; the list includes Battlestar Galactica, 30 Rock, 20 Good Years. Notes From the Underbelly, and more.

Take a look at all the shows premiering over the next week, starting tonight…


Here’s what’s coming to your TV set next week.  To get the last batch of shows check back for next week’s Tube Watch.  Enjoy!

* Note #1 – all times are eastern/central
**Note #2- as I feel that reality TV is neither reality nor TV, anything so classified has been left off the list.

Thursday, October 5th:

Big Day – Think 24 for women.  Over the season one 24-hour day, the day of Danny (Josh Cooke) and Alice’s (Marla Sokoloff) wedding, will be shown.  Expect comic disasters and more. [ABC 8:00/7:00]
Notes From the Underbelly – A young couple (Peter Cambor, Jennifer Westfeldt) discover they are about to have a baby only to be bombarded with unsolicited advice from friends and family. [ABC 8:30/7:30]

Friday, October 6th:

Battlestar Galactica – The show picks up from the bizarro jump-into-the- future ending of Season 2 as the Cylons discovered the human colony of New Caprica. [Sci-fi 9:00/8:00]

Monday, October 9th:

What about Brian – Last season’s mid-season replacement about a group of friends in various stages of romantic relationships, all that is except for Brian (Barry Watson) who is in love with his best friend’s girl (Sarah Lancaster). [ABC 10:00]

Wednesday, October 11th:

30 Rock – That “other” new NBC show that takes place behind the scenes of a late-night sketch comedy show stars Tina Fey, Jan Krakowski, Tracy Morgan, and Alec Baldwin. [NBC 8:00/7:00]
20 Good Years – Two old friends (John Lithgow and Jeffrey Tambor) decide to make the most out of the “20 good years” they have left to live and live every day as if it’s their last. [NBC 8:30/7:30]

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