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by Alan Rapp on June 28, 2007

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Aaron and I have discussed, and bemoaned, the state of comic adaptations, but there is one series we think might make a good adaptation for television, if it could earn a spot on network like HBO, or possibly Showtime.  The comic?  Planetary.  What?  Never heard of it?  FOR SHAME!  The tale of super-hero archeologists might just make for some must-see-tv (something relatively scarce these days).  Read more in the Full Diagnosis.


The premise, as created by Warren Ellis and John Cassady, involves a organization known as Planetary which acts as “Archeologists of the Impossible.”  The team includes three members and is funded by a myserious Fourth Man.  The current team includes the nearly indistructable super-hot and super-powered Jakita Wagner, the Drummer who can detect, manipulate and tap into information steams, computers, radio waves, and other electronics, and the mysterious Elijah Snow, the newest recruit with the longest history (100 years worth!) and the power of heat subtraction (the ability to affect the temperature around him).

The set-up for each issue is simple.  The team is sent out to invesigate strange phenomena or occurances which can range from a ghost cop in Japan to an island of monsters int the Pacific.  Whatever they expect to find, they usual discover something much more interesting.  This set-up would lend itself well to hour-length serialized television program with three stars and a revolving guest cast and different locales for each episode.

So who do you cast?  Ah, there’s the question.  I’d like Rutger Hauer in the role of the gruff Elijah Snow who knows more about what’s going on then even he realizes.  The Drummer could be filled by any number of actors depending on how crazy or young they would want to cast him (the character is drawn by Cassady to resemble himself).  A unknown might be the best bet.  A young Ethan Hawke-type would work well here.  This just leaves Jakita Wagner, the hardest of the characters to cast.  Eva Longoria has the right look for the part, but is probably too small for the role.  Eliza Dushku might be okay, or, God help me, someone like Jessica Biel would have the althleticism and sex-appeal (and might look good in the one piece spandex suit) but how would she look with black hair?  You could go in a completely different direction and cast an Asian actress such as Ziyi Zhang for the role (intriguing idea, but not my first choice).


In a televison landscape where most of the best programing is now on cable, Planetary could be a break-out scif-fi hit with fans and provide something worth watching on that box of wires and lights we call a television.

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