Fables #122

by Alan Rapp on October 30, 2012

in Comics

fables-122-coverMy enjoyment for the recent Cinderella mini-series and Fairest has made me take a dip in the broader Fables Universe. Fables #122 begins a new arc featuring the Big Bad Wolf and the mysterious Green Woman who has the power not only to see one’s fate, but assign it as well.

The comic begins with the wolf chasing the young sorceress through the woods and granting her a reprieve only when she offers to tell him his destiny. Learning he only has three days to life, the most powerful beast in the land slips of in deep meloncholy until another creature informs him that his destiny isn’t written in stone.

The woman of the wood doesn’t see fate, but assigns it. And, more importantly to the wolf, she can reassign it if she so wishes. Written by Bill Willingham with some great art by Gene Ha, the first issue of the new arc works extremely well playing on half-truths and magic most fables are known for. I’ll be back. Worth a look.

[Vertigo, $2.99]

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