Green Lantern

Green Lantern #1

by Alan Rapp on April 14, 2021

in Comics

Green Lantern #1 comic reviewA new volume of Green Lantern opens with Oa hosting a gathering of the United Planets Conclave with representatives from all over the universe. With the fate of the Green Lantern Corps and their role in the universe at stake, most Lanterns have been recalled to Oa under the leadership of John Stewart to keep the peace. Of course, something goes wrong.

Half of the story deals with the conclave and the Lanterns dealing with the threat that comes not from the Sinestro Corps or the Red Lanterns but from the representatives of Gemworld who attack while the conclave continues elsewhere. The other half of the story involves Teen Lantern, brought to Oa to the first time to undergo some testing by the Guardians to determine if she will be allowed to keep her gauntlet.

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Far Sector #10

by Alan Rapp on February 4, 2021

in Comics

Far Sector #10 comic reviewSojourner Mullein has been sent to the edge of the known universe to a city built on the forced emotional suppression its people. A side-effect over time has been the creation of a dark underground to exploit emotional scarcity by relying on the slave labor of ordinary citizens. The slaves are addicted to Switchoff which stops the emotional exploit allowing them to feel and create a profitable commodity, but also has created loose canons and secrets desperately needing to be kept leading to disruption like that which brought Sojourner to the City Enduring. Putting the final pieces into place and seeing it in action creates an impressive emotional response in our Green Lantern.

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Far Sector #9

by Alan Rapp on December 10, 2020

in Comics

Far Sector #9 comic reviewThe focus of Far Sector #9 stays firmly on Green Lantern Sojourner Mullein‘s current assignment in the City Enduring and solving the mysteries of the alien world which she’s still struggling to fully understand. It’s also the first issue in which she’s out of uniform for the entire issue (although she does end up borrowing one from someone else to do a little snooping). Even with as alien as it is, the politics of the City Enduring at times remind her of Earth.

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Far Sector #8

by Alan Rapp on October 8, 2020

in Comics

Far Sector #8 comic reviewSojourner Mullein has used the power of her ring to send herself into the digital realm of Atville in search of the cyber lifeforms known as @AT responsible for the hijacking biological lifeforms and the murder of Averrup Thorn. The Green Lantern’s time in digital space doesn’t last as long as I expected. In about half the issue, Mullein captures the @AT responsible but is no closer to who hired them.

We see the good and bad starting with Mullein’s digital battle and victory and ending with the prejudice and bureaucracy that reminds her so much of home if forces her to emotionally lash at at the Council who brought her to City Enduring.

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LEGO DC: SHAZAM! – Magic & Monsters

by Alan Rapp on August 19, 2020

in Home Video

  • Title: LEGO DC: SHAZAM! – Magic & Monsters
  • IMDb: link

LEGO DC: SHAZAM! - Magic & Monsters Blu-ray reviewBilly Batson (Zach Callison) was previously introduced as a supporting character in LEGO DC: Batman – Family Matters. LEGO DC: SHAZAM! – Magic & Monsters introduces us to his super-hero alter-ego complete with origin story, some classic villains, and a lesson for kids about trust.

There are three separate plots in LEGO DC: SHAZAM! – Magic & Monsters. The straight-to-video allows for the origins of the hero formerly known as Captain Marvel to be explored along with his introduction to the Justice League. There’s also a plot by Mr. Mind (Greg Ellis) who, with the help of Dr. Sivana (Dee Bradley Baker), transforms the Justice League into kids where they will be more susceptible to his mind control and retrieve the food he needs for his transformation. And last, but not least, is the appearance of Black Adam (Imari Williams), the Wizard’s former warrior, who breaks out of the Rock of Eternity and attacks the Wizard and his new champion.

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