Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell is One Healthy Woman

by Alan Rapp on June 16, 2021

in Books & Magazines

Shay Mitchell - Women's Health (June 2021)

Shay Mitchell is the cover girl for the June issue of Women’s Health.

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The Sultry Shay Mitchell

by Alan Rapp on April 29, 2021

in Books & Magazines

Shay Mitchell (April 2021 Photoshoot)

Here’s Shay Mitchell‘s 2021 photoshoot with Greg Swales.

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You – Pilot

by Alan Rapp on September 12, 2018

in Television Reviews 

  • Title: You – Pilot
  • IMDb: link

You - Pilot television review

The “Pilot” for You is one of the creepiest concepts I’ve seen on cable television. No magic, beasts, or sci-fi creatures here, the horror comes from every day life. Presented from the view of bookstore manager Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), the show’s first episode introduces Joe and the audience to the beautiful Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) who immediately infatuates Joe. Outwardly a pretty nice guy, Joe helps the teenage neighbor whose parents often go at it, and certainly comes off charming to those he meets. He’s also a stalker who goes to great lengths to dive into Beck’s life from stalking her on social media, to following her around town and listening in to her conversations with friends (led by Shay Mitchell), to breaking into her home and rifling through her computer and phone.

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Shay Mitchell is in Shape

by Alan Rapp on March 7, 2018

in Books & Magazines

Shay Mitchell - Shape (March 2018)

Shay Mitchell is the cover girl for the March issue of Shape. You can find her pics inside.

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  • Title: Pretty Little Liars – Til DeAth Do Us PArt
  • wiki: link

Pretty Little Liars - Til DeAth Do Us PArt television review

The more television shows attempt to a super-sized wrap-up in a finale the more they seem to struggle with providing a fitting farewell. That’s certainly the case with “‘Til Death Do Us Part” which brings an end to seven seasons of Pretty Little Liars. To be sure, the end feels a bit off as the show already wrapped-up it’s major storyline by unmasking the Liars tormentor and then jumping ahead five years into the future only to introduce another unseen attacking playing with their lives in the same ways. While last week’s penultimate episode cleared the Liars of any criminal charges and brought an end (so they believed) to the games with A.D., the finale goes back to the well again not only with the return of their faceless adversary but also a reveal that includes twins. A rather forced next generation tease is also put on display here suggesting Rosewood is one fucked-up place to live and the trials and tribulations of the Liars might actually not be that special or unique after all.

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