What Makes Dan Harmon Different

by Alan Rapp on May 10, 2021

in Essays 

Wisecrack examines what makes Dan Harmon different in terms of sitcom storytelling.

Films&Stuff examines The Mandalorian incorporating more characters into Season Two.

Why Korean Cinema Rules

by Alan Rapp on May 4, 2021

in Essays 

Karsten Runquist examines Minari, Parasite, Train to Busan and why Korean cinema rules.

Aliens: How James Cameron Changed Ripley

by Alan Rapp on April 6, 2021

in Essays 

Now You See It examines how James Cameron changed Ripley in Aliens.

The Cinema of Akira Kurosawa

by Alan Rapp on March 3, 2021

in Essays 

Like Stories of Old examines the Humanistic philosophy and cinema of Akira Kurosawa.