• Title: Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy – Episode 2
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Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy - Siege Part 2 TV review

Ultra Magnus (Edward Bosco) turns himself over to the Decepticons in an attempt to force Optimus Prime‘s (Jake Foushee) hand to accept Megatron‘s (Jason Marnocha) truce and end the war. It’s Prime who is most unreasonable of any Transfromer introduced in the first two episodes, unwilling to give in or capitulate no matter the cost. Failing utterly, Magnus’ capture only strengthens the Decepticons resolve to wipe out the Autobots completely and allow for a trap that nearly takes out Prime. The series second episode also introduces the idea of the Allspark which both groups begin to search for. The Deceptions want the artifact in order to reformat all of the Autobots, and for the Autobots it’s last desperate attempt to keep fighting and prevent such technology falling into the hands of their enemy.

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  • Title: Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy – Episode 1
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Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy - Siege Part 1 television review

Set prior to the Autobots and Decepticons leaving Cybertron for Earth, the new series Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy opens with the war between the two races of transforming robots still raging on their homeworld but with the Autobot forces dwarfed by the might of Megatron (Jason Marnocha) and his Decepticons. Bumblebee (Joe Zieja) is introduced as a scout who has yet to take a side in the fight, but leads Wheeljack (Bill Rogers) to a source of Energon the Autobots desperately need to continue the struggle. Caught by Jetfire (Keith Silverstein) and his Seekers, the pair looked doomed until the arrival of Optimus Prime (Jake Foushee) to stand-up to Megatron and provide enough of a distraction to get everyone else out alive.

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Transformers ’84 #1

by Alan Rapp on July 28, 2020

in Comics

Transformers '84 #1 comic reviewTaking place just prior to the events of Marvel’s classic Transformers comic, the four-issue mini-series begins here with the growing discension within the Decepticons ranks as Megatron‘s obsession with Optimus Prime continues to disrupt larger plans. One Decepticon who was far more interesting in the comics than the original Transformers cartoon gets center stage here. Presented from the perspective of Punch (the lone Transformer who has both an Autobot and Decepticon transformation), the story begins to unfold in Transformers ’84 #1 which explores how the logical Shockwave plots how to best use a situation to his own advantage.

Artist Guido Guidi captures the look of the 80s comic that featured the original Generation One version of the Transformers. Shockwave in particular, looks great here.

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Soundwave Statue

by Alan Rapp on November 6, 2019

in Toys & Collectibles

Soundwave Statue

Transformers fans can now pre-order this 9.5in. Soundwave Statue complete with swappable arms and Rumble for the low, low price of $230.


by Alan Rapp on April 15, 2019

in Home Video

  • Title: Bumblebee
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Bumblebee movie reviewLook at that, a Transformers movie that doesn’t completely suck. While throwing caution to the wind and creating plenty of continuity errors with the current Transformers movie franchise, Bumblebee is a mix of old school Transformers and the suckage known as the Michael Bay films that forces a human story into the center of each film. Easily the best of the franchise, that’s still not saying all that much. Still, for what it is, Bumblebee provides some fun.

Opening on Cybertron, the story shoehorns in several fan-favorite cameos, while explaining Bumblebee‘s arrival on Earth and the loss of his voice. Taking place before the events of the first Bay Transformers movie, Bumblebee is centered around a tomboy named Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld) who discovers her clunker of a VW Bug is actually a robot from space. Sent to Earth to prepare it for the Autobots arrival (something he actually doesn’t do), Bumblebee is followed by Decepticons searching for Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen) and the rest of the Autobots. The film also throws in John Cena as a soldier in a secret government organization conned by the Decepticons into locating their prey.

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