Green Lantern #9

by Alan Rapp on May 12, 2012

in Comics

The secret of the Indigo Tribe is finally revealed as Hal Jordan tracks down Natromo, Keeper of the Indigo Light. Jordan learns that years ago Abin Sur freed the world of Nok from invaders who had subjugated the tribe and turned them into slaves.

For a comic with this much monologue, Green Lantern #9 moves at a pretty good pace. The discovery of an Indigo Light which could bring out compassion and remorse in even the most vile creature lead Sur and Natromo to create an army out of the worst killers and sadists in the known universe to fight the biggest threat the universe has ever known – the Guardians of the Universe.

I would have liked to have gotten the Indigo Tribe backstory a couple of issues back (or even way back when the group was first introduced well before the New 52 reboot). The introduction of the Guardians as the universe’s greatest threat opens up several new possibilities and alliances. The idea of making a remorseful army of the worst creatures in the galaxy is an intriguing one. However, it has one major flaw which Hal Jordan stares both Hal and Sinestro down in the comic’s final panel. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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