Justice League #9

by Alan Rapp on May 20, 2012

in Comics

justice-league-9-new-52-coverAs Batman calls in Superman and Cyborg to help quash an uprising in Arkham Asylum caused by The Key, The Flash, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman take down the Weapons Master who was terrorizing Central City. Although they don’t realize it, both attacks are connected to the mysterious Graves who is amassing information about all the league’s members.

Near death and running out of time, Graves kidnaps and tortures Steve Trevor for information about the League and how to get into their satellite. When the torture doesn’t work Graves threatens the soldier’s family to get what he wants.

The return of artist Jim Lee means the overall quality of the art improves, but once again we get odd group shots where characters are presented and posturing at odd angles while in battle or attempting to communicate with each other. The back-up story gives us Billy standing up for his foster siblings (but still being a jerk), and Sivana unearthing a mystical tomb. It’s certainly not great, but for JL fans it is worth a look.

[DC, $3.99]

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