The Lone Ranger #7

by Alan Rapp on July 7, 2012

in Comics

the-lone-ranger-vol-2-7-coverThe new arc “Native Ground” begins as the Lone Ranger seeks help for his severally injured friend and, through the use one of long flashback sequence (which takes up all but the opening page of the comic), Tonto‘s past is revealed. Alhough it means the masked man gets only a cameo here (the Lone Ranger appears in a total of one panel) I applaud writer Ande Parks’ choice to fill in Tonto’s backstory.

The first issue is little more than an introduction to Tonto and various members of his tribe and the foreshadowing of events that will shatter his peaceful life with his wife and son. We see the Indian as a respected leader of his people, one tired of war with the white man who wants only to live in peace for as long as possible.

Those who don’t mind picking up a comic where the title character barely makes an appearance should consider picking this issue up. I’m not sure there’s enough here to work for an entire arc, but there’s certainly enough to bring me back next month. Worth a look.

[Dynamite, $3.99]

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