Winter Soldier #11

by Alan Rapp on October 3, 2012

in Comics

winter-soldier-11-coverThe Winter Soldier and Hawkeye continue to track down Leo Novokov and the brainwashed Black Widow but they’re always one-step behind finding the bread crumbs Novokov has left for them. He’s all the more dangerous now that the Soviet sleeper agent has his own weapons maker in Marvin Martin and a all the armaments he recently cleared out of an old Soviet munitions depot.

The issue ends with an unusual ultimatium for Bucky if he wants to save the woman he loves, but doesn’t get us any closer to a confrontation with Novokov or the brainwashed Black Widow. I like Hawkeye’s inclusion (although I’m confused as to what happened to the rest of the team who was supposed to be helping out in the search), but I hate his current costume which is a mix of the Ultimate and movie versions of the character.

Brubaker is managing to drag out the story in a way that still makes it compelling, and hinting at Novokov’s deeper plans involving his new weapons and Natalia, but I have mixed feelings about the art of Butch Guice as several panels appear rushed. For fans.

[Marvel, $2.99]

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