Young Justice #21

by Alan Rapp on October 23, 2012

in Comics

young-justice-21-coverYoung Justice #21 keeps to the format started in last month’s issue as we jump around from current events to those that took place five years before. In the current time period the arrival of Braniac has caused several members of both Young Justice and the Justice League (and several super-villains) to be kidnapped including Superman, Superboy, Captain Atom, Captain Marvel, and Wonder Woman.

Trapped on the moon Captain Atom and Captain Marvel come up with a plan of escape, while on Earth the remaining heroes discover the entire city of Metropolis has been cut-off from the outside world. Nightwing and Wonder Girl‘s pitch to the new Blue Beetle to join the team is put on hold as the heroes regroup and split their remaining members into two teams.

The first team led by Nightwing tries to find a way into Metropolis, where the heroes trapped inside the force field are already on the scene. And a second team including Miss Martian and heads to the moon to rescue their friends and find some answers. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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