Obama Wins! (in Movie Poll)

by Alan Rapp on November 4, 2008

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Okay, the election isn’t decided yet.  But Barack Obama has won a text messaging poll of movie goers who chose him overwhelmingly over John McCain as the candidate they’d like to sit down in a theater with and watch a movie.  For more info about the poll and the results after the jump.

Obama Elected Top Movie Date By Texters

Tens of Thousands of Texting Moviegoers Have Spoken

Thursday, October 29, 2008 – One week before the national polls open, tens of thousands of texting moviegoers have spoken!  Senator Barack Obama beat out Senator John McCain by moviegoers when polled via text message “who would you rather take to the movies?”  Texters had no problem sounding off on who they preferred when it came to catching a flick with the two presidential candidates. Senator Obama easily raked in the most votes with 83% of all text messages compared to McCain’s 17%. Currently Senator McCain is not only trailing in moviegoer polls, but national presidential polls as well. “Indications are it’s linked to the fact that Obama has adapted the tech talk of our users,” said Chris Geromini, head of the mobile service that gives people movie showtimes and movie news. From the start, Senator Obama has branded himself as cutting-edge, with the crowning point a record setting text message blast to millions of Americans naming his running mate back in August. In the spirit of the upcoming election, popular mobile website 43KIX.com sent the text message poll to more than 35,000 moviegoers from large cities to small towns with all ages weighing in.

About 43KIX:

Forty Three Kix (43KIX) is the premiere mobile entertainment portal created specifically for your phone. Every page is formatted to be viewed by all mobile browsers and includes interactive text messaging features. 43KIX connects movie fans with instant theatre showtimes, locations, and Hollywood glam and gossip. View real-time premiere photos, Hollywood events and movie trailers all from your phone. There’s no charge for 43KIX, but standard text message rates may apply for the SMS service, consult your wireless plan.

To register, send a text message with the word ‘Subscribe’ and your zip code to 43kix (43549) or register online at http://www.43kix.com/. Click on ‘sign up.’

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