Atomic Robo Presents Real Science Adventures #2

by Alan Rapp on May 21, 2012

in Comics

atomic-robo-presents-real-science-adventures-2-coverThe latest Atomic Robo series gives us four more short stories. Two are continuations from the opening chapters from issue #1 as Atomic Robo trains with Bruce Lee and The Sparrow and Scarecrow fight off Nazis during WWII.

We’re also given a pair of separate stories. The first involves an Atomic Robo impostor who gets a team killed while trying to capture the apparently invulnerable Yonkers Devil. The final, and best story of this issue, finds Robo attacked by Thomas Edision and the ghost of Rasputin while trying to study for finals.

Although all four stories are fun The Sparrow is still missing a certain robotic hero to liven things up, and it certainly feels like it would have been better served told in more than a few pages at a time (honestly, I’d completely forgotten what happened in this story in issue #1). Sadly, the killer robotic dogs on the cover don’t make an appearance in this issue. Only the Rasputin tale stands out and I would have gladly traded the pages of one of the other stories to have this one fleshed-out a little more. Worth a look.

[Red 5, $2.75]

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