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by Alan Rapp on June 27, 2007

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Hmm, we’re about to talk about comics so it must be Wednesday!  Welcome to the RazorFine Comic Rack boys and girls.  Pull up a bean bag and take a seat at the master as we look at the new comics set to hit comic shops and bookstores today from DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Wildstorm, Vertigo, Dynamite Entertainment, IDW Publishing, and Image Comics.

This week includes The Boys, City of Others, Deadman, Invincible, JSA Classified, Silver Surfer: Requiem, The Transfomrers Spotlight: Galvatron, Wonder Woman, and the 200th issue of X-Men.  Also don’t forget the truckload of new graphic novels including Annihilation Book 3, Hellgate: London, Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess’ Stardust, Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend, Showcase Presents: Batman Vol. 2, and much, much more.

Enjoy issue #27

Editor’s Note: comic shipping dates are subject to change and unexpected delays.

Blue Beetle #16 – Eclipso returns in this tie-in to “Countdown.” [$2.99]

JSA Classified #27 – Wildcat’s investigation into an underground superhuman gambling ring leads to a shocking discovery about himself. [$2.99]

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #31 – The shocking conclusion to the Dominators storyline. [$2.99]

Teen Titans #48 – Wonder Girl and Supergirl make tough choices in this “Amazons Attack” cross-over issue. [$2.99]

Wonder Woman #10 – The conclusion to Jodi Piccoult’s run finds Wonder Woman attempting to save Paradise Island from total ruin and deal with her decision to kill Maxwell Lord. [$2.99]

Immortal Iron Fist #6 – Danny Rand needs answers from Orson Randall, but Randall has his own problems when he becomes the target of the new Steel Serpent. [$2.99]

Legion of Monsters: Satana #1 – New tales of monsters kick-off with two new tales featuring Satana and the Living Mummy. [$2.99]

Silver Surfer Requiem #2 – Before returning home to Zenn-La the Surfer makes his final goodbyes on Earth, including a conversation with Spider-Man. [$3.99]

Ultimate Fantastic Four #43 – The arrival of the Silver Surfer causes panic across the globe. [$2.99]

X-Men#200 – A special double-sized anniversary issue, available in variant covers begins a new four-issue story arc as Rogue faces a new challenge and a mysterious strike force begins to eliminate the few remaining mutants. [$3.99]

City of Others #3 – How is a murderer made?  Journey back into the past of Bud Bludowski and find the cruel childhood origins that led to his current state.  Check out the free preview. [$2.99]

Crossing Midnight #8 – Toshi learns that Tokyo at night is far different than by day when she becomes trapped in the mortal realm. [$2.99]

Deadman #11 – Brandon searches the Cain Institute for Eve Kendall only to find more than he bargained for. [$2.99]

Hellboy: Darkness Calls #3 – The witches have lured Hellboy to the haunted forests of Russia, but what fate awaits him there?  Check out the free preview. [$2.99]

Wetworks #10 – Can a cyborg die?  Find out in this issue when Mother-One is infected by a mysterious illness. [$2.99]

The Boys #8 – The Boys investigate the murder that leads them to the Tek Knight. [$2.99]

Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer #4 (of 6) – Adelia learns a shocking secret about the Death Dealer as the Shadow Hordes of Mirahan sweep across the land of Iparsia and the war between Oro and Edani reaches Duke Atar’s stronghhold.  Also available in a variant cover by Frank Frazetta. [$3.99]

Invincible #43 – Allen the Alien returns to Earth seeking information form Invincible. [$2.99]

Transformers: Movie Adaptation #4 (of 4) – The comic adaptation of the new Transformers film concludes. [$3.99]

The Transfomers Spotlight: Galvatron – The Transformers Spotlight falls on Galvatron, the deadly “harbringer of an encroaching darkness that will soon envelop the entire Transformers universe!” [$3.99]

Annihilation Book 3 – The third hardcover voume collects the conclusion of the series as the Silver Surfer, Super-Skrull, Ronan, and Nova attempt to unite the remaining heroes and make a final stand against the Annihilation Wave. [$29.99]

Crossing Midnight Vol. 1: Cut Here – The first five issues of the modern day fantasy/horror series set in Nagasaki is collected in this new trade paperback. [$9.99]

Hellgate: London – The four-issue mini-series based on the popular video game is collected here in this new trade paperback.  Check out the free preview. [$12.95]

Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess’ Stardust – With a film adaptation due out next month here’s a new oversized hardcore edition of the tale of magic, romance, pirates, witches, and a fallen star. [$39.99]

Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend – Richard Matheson’s classic novel of the last human on Earth fighting off a planet of vampires gets a new film version later this year, but for now you can settle for this graphic novel adaptation of the four out-of-print books as adapted by Steve Niles and Elman Brown.

Showcase Presents: Batman Vol. 2 – Another black and white trade paperback volume of Batman and Robin’s adventures in the 60’s includes the first appearance of Poison Ivy. [$16.99]

The Trials of Shazam Vol. 1 – The first six issues of the twelve-issue maxi-series is collected here as Freddie Freeman attempts to earn the power of Shazam! [$14.99]

Ultimates 2, Vol. 2: Grand Theft America – On the eve of Tony and Natasha’s wedding Nick Fury makes a move against the traitor in the team. [$19.99]

Wolverine: Blood & Sorrow – This trade paperback collects four standalone Wolverine tales: “The Package,” “Better to Give…,” “The House of Blood and Sorrow,” and “The Healing.” [$13.99]

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