Daredevil #21

by Alan Rapp on December 22, 2012

in Comics

daredevil-21-coverDaredevil‘s fight with the Coyote concludes as our hero is able to get enough information to prove the innocence of Foggy‘s client and make it out of his lair alive. Although he doesn’t find out who hired the super-villain to create havoc with his life, Matt Murdock gets enough to confront his former partner and hash things out once and for all.

Although I liked the idea of the Coyote, I’m glad to see this increasingly creepy storyline put to rest. I’m also happy to see Matt finally get the opportunity to tell an ashamed Foggy off. It looks like although the city of New York is willing to discount Foggy and Kristen McDuffie‘s (pretty damn baseless) concerns, McDuffie isn’t quite so willing to let the matter rest. Sadly for our hero, she has called in help to deal with Daredevil.

I like the idea of Spider-Man guest-starring in the next issue, but with what writer Dan Slott is doing with the character I’m pretty sure it’s going to be far less enjoyable than the Spidey & Black Cat crossover from earlier this year. For fans.

[Marvel, $2.99]

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