Darkwing Duck #11

by Alan Rapp on April 27, 2011

in Comics

darkwing-duck-11-coverAlthough it might not be as good as last month’s issue (which was the best issue of the series so far – and one of the best comics I’ve read in 2011), this one’s still brings the fun as Darkwing Duck, Steelbeak, and Femme Appeal make their way through the secret fortress of F.O.W.L.

The issue spends quite a bit of its time wrapping up of the cool ideas and story elements introduced in issue #10, including the giant robotic Walrus and Gosalyn and Honker‘s confrontation with Ammonia Pine, before giving us an inevitable betrayal that leaves our hero at the mercy of Duckthulu (who has converted most of St. Canard into his mindless zombies – including Launchpad).

We’ll have to wait another month for the conclusion of the Duckthulu arc. I’ve enjoyed this storyline, but I’m ready for a new story arc. Even if this issue can’t quite live up to the insane level of awesome of last month it’s still definitely worth a look.

[Boom, $3.99]

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