Darkwing Duck #2

by Alan Rapp on July 14, 2016

in Comics

Darkwing Duck #2With Darkwing Duck trapped in the maximum security prison with all the super-villains he put away, Negaduck sits back and sends the villains after our hero one by one. Surviving battles with Liquidator, Muckduck, Ammonia Pine, the Beagle Boys, and Camille Chameleon, our hero is finally taken down by Suff-rage and the guards at her command.

Meanwhile around the prison both Gosalyn and Mortimer have their own adventures. The former eventually draws the attention of Negaduck (never a good sign) while the later seems to foreshadow the return of my favorite new character from the previous comic series: Cat-Tankerous! As for Negaduck, the villain’s attention is split between watching Darkwing and the other half of his undisclosed master plan.

For the number of characters they shove into a single issue, the latest issue from Aaron Sparrow and James Silvani moves at a pretty good pace (even if the fight sequences are short-lived). Now bring on Cat-Tankerous! Worth a look.

[Joe Books, $2.99]

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