Darkwing Duck Annual #1

by Alan Rapp on March 8, 2011

in Comics

What you usually want from an annual is an extra-sized adventure with something special enough to justify picking it up. BOOM!’s first annual for Darkwing Duck doesn’t disappoint.

The main story pits Darkwing Duck against Quackerjack who has decided to attack the toy company who drove him insane and started his life of crime. The villain is armed with an invention that transforms people into dolls meaning our hero will need all the help he can get – even from Quackerjack’s girlfriend?

Also included here is a short B-story about a criminal who uses a turtle to travel through time and a kind letter at the end of the comic to Darkwing fans everywhere, both written by the Darkwing Duck creator Tad Stones.

Not all annuals are worth picking up (in fact some I wouldn’t even use to line a birdcage), but this one delivers. The main story continues the wacky fun of the new series, and I got a kick at seeing the original creator of the show get dangerous one more time (if only for a few pages). Worth a look.

[BOOM!, $4.99]

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