Death of Hawkman #2

by Alan Rapp on November 10, 2016

in Comics

Death of Hawkman #2Death of Hawkman #2 highlights separate storylines of the mini-series two leads. On Rann, Adam Strange tries to prevent his adopted home from retaliating after an attack everyone assumes came from Thanagar. Because the victims of the attack included his father-in-law, Strange finds no solace at home while trying to argue reason over rash action.

There’s also a mystery for Strange to solve involving who altered his Zeta-beams and was masquerading as the hero while he was trapped on Earth. To get to the bottom of that, however, he’s going to need some help.

The other piece of the comic focuses primarily on Hawkman, pointing out the qualities which made him a hero on Earth weren’t always respected or appreciated on his home planet. Back on his home planet, the comic ends with Hawkman being approached by Adam Strange to get to the truth of the attack on Rann, the mystery of who has been skulking around and messing with his life, and hopefully preventing the heating up of hostilities between the two heroes’ homes. Worth a look.

[DC $3.99]

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