Fairest #9

by Alan Rapp on November 12, 2012

in Comics

fairest-9-coverRapunzel‘s search for her missing children leads her to Japan and the unexpected reunion with her former lover Tomoko, a kitsune fox spirit and now the head of a secret criminal empire with the power to keep the current Japanese Fabletown safe from prying eyes.

The issue includes flashbacks to Rapunzel’s time in the Hidden Kingdom 900 years ago, her relationship with Tomoko, and the events which separated them and led all Fables from being expelled from the Hidden Kingdom. Despite Tomoko’s warnings that Rapunzel was lured to Japan under false pretenses by Mr. Kataguri, and her willingness to forgive Rapunzel for the past, our heroine can’t quite except the new harsher version of her former lover or forget her reason for returning to Japan.

Choosing the present over the lure of falling into the same traps of the past Rapunzel let’s down her hair, with a little assistance from Joel and makes her escape to continue her search for her missing children. Worth a look.

[Vertigo, $2.99]

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