Fatale #17

by Alan Rapp on October 3, 2013

in Comics

Fatale #17Split into two-halves, the latest issue gets us caught up on Nicolas Lash‘s run from the law with his murderous new protector Nelson whose crazy antics and secrets have Lash wondering whose side the man is really on.

The second-half of the issue continues the amnesiac Josephine‘s stay with the rock band who begin showing strain based on her presence including taking unnecessary risks and sole male member of the band who has not shared her bed to demand his turn. Although Josephine’s memory may not have returned, by the end of the issue she will realize just how much power over men, and their life and death, she possesses.

Writer Ed Brubaker continues to gather the storm clouds as well as Josephine’s unsheilded presence comes to the attention of not one but two separate enemies both obsessed with finding her. A really strong issue with great use of foreboding and more top notch art from Sean Phillips. Worth a look.

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