Fatale #9

by Alan Rapp on November 6, 2012

in Comics

fatale-9-coverAfter Suzy is captured and comes to an unfortunate (but not completely unexpected) end, Josephine and Miles come up with a new plan to use the film stolen from the cult to draw them out into the open.

Miles struggles with how different his life has become since meeting Josephine and his inability to fear or grieve for Suzy in the right way. Hansel’s displeasure grows at the death of Suzy and the end to his link to Josephine and his revenge. As Hansel prostrates himself for forgiveness from his god, Josephine and Miles attend a swank Hollywood party where they put their plan into play.

I expected the cult would be making their move in this issue, but even if writer Ed Brubaker has drawn out events a little longer than originally planned (the twelve issue series could now number more than twenty when all is said and done), the continued look at these characters, particularly Miles who has begun to question what is happening to him, is well done. Worth a look.

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