Green Arrow #1

by Alan Rapp on June 21, 2016

in Comics

Green Arrow #1Picking up the storyline from Green Arrow: Rebirth #1, Green Arrow and Black Canary continue to investigate the underground human trafficking ring of homeless victims in Seattle. An altercation on the docks leads Ollie to also raise questions about his company which, from what we see teased here, has been corrupted by the shadowy movements of the Court of Owls.

Along with comic stealing some Bat-villains to set-up it’s initial story arc (an interesting choice), Green Arrow #1 also gives us Ollie and Dinah together both in and out of costume (although their romantic sparring still seems fairly new to them both). Fleshing out the cast we also meet Ollie’s half-sister Emiko Queen (think Arrow‘s Thea if she had been raised by someone as homicidal as Malcolm) and the appearance of Emi’s mother: Shado.

Although the issue starts off celebrating the good Ollie is doing in the city, it ends on downward spiral as betrayal after betrayal is likely to have lasting ramifications for the Emerald Archer in the coming months. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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