Guardians of the Galaxy: Tomorrow’s Avengers

by Alan Rapp on July 11, 2013

in Comics

Guardians of the Galaxy: Tomorrow's AvengersSet before the new Guardians of the Galaxy series, the Guardians of the Galaxy: Tomorrow’s Avengers one-shot is a series of solo stories featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy before re-teaming to save Earth from Peter Quill’s father.

The stories are about what you’d expect. Drax and Gamora both get into huge battles (although Gamora’s has a nice tie-in to Star-Lord‘s own daddy issues), Rocket Raccoon threatens someone at gunpoint (and discovers something unexpected), and Groot makes a surprising save in the issue’s most well-developed story on an alien world. I’m not sure that the various shorts are actually a good primer for those who don’t already know these characters fairly well. That said, fans of the heroes should have fun.

The timing of the release, as the events all take place before the current comic, seems a little off. We do get cameos from Star-Lord at the end of two of the stories trying to bring the team back together in which he specifically mentions his father and an imminent attack on Earth. For fans.

[Marvel, $4.99]

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