House of Mystery

by Alan Rapp on May 14, 2008

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  • Title: House of Mystery #1
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“The moment of epiphany, that slice of time when you stand on the brink of a new life is one of the most magical, most terrifying, most intoxicating experiences there is.”


The House of Mystery was a horror anthology which ran on and off for decades.  Events centered around a house and it’s caretaker Cain and the stories of horror and mayhem told within.  This recent re-launch by Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges centers around those trapped in th house (including quite a few familiar faces to the Vertigo line) who are forced to tell tales to earn their keep.

After a short appearance by Cain and his brother Abel (with a hatchet firmly stuck in his chest) the story moves to young Miss Kelle who is being chased by two mysterious figures and eventually will find herself stepping into the house which has haunted her dreams – The House of Mystery.

Intercut with Keele’s run across town is the tale of one of the patrons, Hungry Sally, who pays for her meal with the disturbing tale of her life entitled “The Hollows” which is a brutal tale you might not wish to read on a full stomach involving human-sized fly creatures and the events which earned Sally her name.

Although bizarre, and brutal, this first issue is a success in reintroducing the series to both old and new readers.  It certainly earns it’s Mature Readers tag, and is not for everyone – especially not the squeamish.  Horror fans however should find much here to enjoy.

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