Iron Man Selected Reading

by Alan Rapp on April 30, 2008

in Comics

Looking forward to Iron Man but wanting a little more info on the character before you plop down two hours wages on a movie ticket?  Don’t fret folks, your RF pals give you the skinny on a select group of Iron Man graphic novels.

From his first days in print, his first encounter with the Mandarin, Tony Stark’s troubles with alcohol, the famous Armor Wars, the adventures of War Machine, Iron Man’s role as a member of the Illuminati, to his current post as head of S.H.I.E.L.D., we get you up to speed and ready for Friday.


The Invincible Iron Man Omnibus Vol. 1 – Let’s start at the beginning with the mammoth collection of early Iron Man adventures captured in this oversized hardcover.  Not willing to dish-out the $99.99 for this?  For $16.99 a pop you can pick up the b&w Essential Iron Man volumes 1-3.

Iron Man: Armor Wars – This trade paperback collects the “Armor Wars” storyline featuring Iron Man tracking down both heroes and villains who have stolen Stark technology.  Includes loads of villains, new armor, and a confrontation with Steve Rogers. [$24.99]

Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin – This trade paperback collects the recent mini-series featuring the origins of the Mandarin, one of Iron Man’s oldest foes, and a retelling of their first meeting. [$14.99]

Iron Man: Demon in a Bottle – One of the most discussed storylines of the hero’s career centers around Tony Stark’s loosing his battle with alcohol. [$24.99]

Iron Man: War Machine – I was never much a fan of the War Machine armor, but if you are then this trade paperback was made just for you! [$29.99]

Iron Man: Hypervelocity – A slightly different take on the hero and his world in this collection of the mini-series featuring a war between “the bleeding -edge technology of an insurgent mecha subculture and the massed hardware of an elite ‘cape-killing’ paramilitary force.” [$14.99]

Iron Man Vol. 1: Extremis – The current run on Iron Man began with this reboot by Warren Ellis taking ol’ Shellhead into the 21st Century. [$14.99]

New Avengers: Illuminati – Iron Man and the other leaders of the super-secret guardians protect the planet from harm, no matter the cost.  This trade paperback collection leads into the current Secret Invasion storyline. [$14.99]

Iron Man: Civil War – Marvel’s Civil War from the perspective of Tony Stark. [$11.99]

Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Collects the first few issue of Tony Stark as the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D. [$14.99]


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