FF #9

by Alan Rapp on July 23, 2013

in Comics

FF #9The Future Foundation is invited to a pool party by an alien who once impersonated Julius Caesar. So.. it must be a Wednesday? It’s been awhile since I picked up Matt Fraction and Mike Allred’s take on the those the Fantastic Four left behind. Still wacky, the latest issue offers the team of She-HulkMedusaMs. Thing, and Scott Lang their chance to save the original Fantastic Four as well as the opportunity for tiny super-villain Bentley 23 to put together his first documentary masterpiece.

Light and fun, I enjoyed FF #9 in the same way I occasionally like cotton candy, but much like the first couple issues of the series I came away wanting something a little more substantial (or even more zany). I really want to like the comic more than I do, but I’m not sure this will ever be more for me than a world I give a peak into every six months or so (especially if the tone of comic is going to shift more from the wackiness of the various children to the adventures of the grown-ups – although this would also finally give She-Hulk something substantial to do). For fans.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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