Nova #3

by Alan Rapp on April 22, 2013

in Comics

Nova #3Surviving his first flight as Nova, Sam Alexander returns from the moon after getting a warning of impending danger from The Watcher to get chewed out by his mother for staying out to late and find Rocket Racoon and Gamora waiting for him. Needing Sam’s help, and keeping their promise to his father, Rocket and Gamora begin to train the new Nova and prepare him for what is to come (namely the fleet of Chitauri warships on their way to destroy the Earth).

I have to say I’m really enjoying this series as writer Jeph Loeb provides Sam with the right mix of joy and terror at the gift and heavy responsibility which has been laid at his feet. I still have mixed reaction to artist’s Ed McGuinness version of Rocket Raccoon, but the spirit of the character is intact.

The choice to bring the Chitauri into the proper Marvel Universe (they were originally a Marvel Ultimate creation) doesn’t bother me, although it is another sign of Marvel Studios directly influencing both the style and storylines of Marvel Comics. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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