Nova #9

by Alan Rapp on October 29, 2013

in Comics

Nova #9Returning home from his encounter with Speedball and Vance Astrovik, Sam Alexander discovers Kalendra has captured his mother and little sister and is holding them hostage unless Sam agrees to fight her without use an weapons (including the Nova helmet).

Initially agreeing the fair fight (which is less than fair since Sam has received no actually hand-to-hand combat training), the newest Nova throws in the towel early, donning his helmet and kicking some serious butt all the way back to Kalendra’s home where her failure gets her caged in isolated confinement.

The heavy bondage themes not withstanding, Nova #9 provides a good example at the type of hero the newest Nova is. Honorable, maybe not, but certainly willing to do whatever is needing to save the ones he loves. And despite his repeated refusals, it seems Nova may have found himself a pair of new teammates (which I would be more on-board with if they clad Astrovik in Vance Astro‘s costume). Worth a look.

[Nova, $3.99]

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