Mockingbird #7

by Alan Rapp on September 19, 2016

in Comics

Mockingbird #7Mockingbird‘s voyage aboard a super-hero fanboy cruise to the Bermuda Triangle continues as she and Hunter become deputized to investigate the murder aboard the ship of a stranger who believed he had important information to help Hawkeye who currently stands trial for killing a defenseless Bruce Banner. One of the strengths of the series so far is the comic’s tongue-in-cheek nature. That said, Mockingbird #7 is the first issue of the series where things begin to get out of hand as Chelsea Cain is so quick with quips gags, in-panel jokes (such as what each character’s favorite cocktail is) that the actually story gets stalled for too much of this comic.

Mockingbird #7 will deliver the identity of the person responsible for getting Bobbi on the boat as well as the murder. Hardcore Marvel fans might get a chill out of the reveal of the Midnight Rider being responsible for Bobbi’s recent troubles (well, one of them), but it’s a bit anticlimactic for the series winking so hard at us for the rest of the issue you wonder if anyone involved can actually still see straight. Hopefully the reveal will add a bit of drama back into the comic (since a murder certainly didn’t work) and help balance the next issue. For fans.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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