Moon Knight #3

by Alan Rapp on June 8, 2016

in Comics

Moon Knight #3Having escaped the mental institution and made it into the subway with his friends and other patients, Moon Knight has to deal with a host of mummies and Egyptian figures attempting to trap him and return him to his prison. Writer Jeff Lemire continues to blur the lines behind what is actually happening and Moon Knight’s perception of it. Although the other mentally unstable characters aren’t much more reliable than our main protagonist, the fact that they too see the subway station full of mummies helps confirm the odd reality Marc Spector is trapped isn’t only in his mind.

Although one member of the group will be forced to stay behind as they either A) get on the subway or B) ride through space on Anubis’ boat, by the end of the issue Moon Knight will have his hard-fought freedom. Pushed by the voice of Khonshu (who gives the our crazy hero some questionable advice) the real fight can begin as (at least to Moon Knight’s eyes) New York looks a lot more like Egypt than it used to. Now the question becomes what is actually going on, and what can Moon Knight do to stop it? Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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