Moon Knight #4

by Alan Rapp on August 8, 2011

in Comics

moon-knight-4-coverAlmost immediately after deciding they can trust each other Moon Knight and Echo get an unexpected visit from the Night Shift who want the pair to stop their investigation into the identity of the kingpin of Los Angeles. Never being ones to taken advice from super-villains the pair decide instead to kick some ass.

The issue begins with a very humorous exchange between Ms. Marvel and Echo who calls in to Avengers Mansion hoping to find someone to vouch for the crazy guy she’s thinking of teaming-up with. This gives us Carol’s fluster over not immediately knowing who Echo is and a great one-liner by Spider-Man. It also shows us how quickly Ms. Marvel can adapt to the situation by whittling down to the crux of what Echo was really asking.

Every month I pick up Moon Knight expecting it to be my last issue and every month (at least so far) writer Brian Michael Bendis has given me a reason to come back for more. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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