Moon Knight #6

by Alan Rapp on October 10, 2011

in Comics

moon-knight-6-coverThe latest issue of Moon Knight may be the best yet. Echo and Moon Knight sit down to talk after their blowup (you know, when he kissed her and she punched him in the face repeatedly). The pair admit, but do not give into, their attraction to each other, and Brian Michael Bendis makes a ingenious observation about the similarities of the two heroes.

This issue also sees the final fate of the Night Shift. The Los Angeles Kingpin (who is finally revealed in this issue) doesn’t take kindly to failure. The choice of Count Nefaria is an interesting one (to be honest, I’d forgotten he even existed) as it gives Moon Knight an adversary powerful enough to be a threat but C-List enough not to overpower the book.

My favorite part of this issue, however, is when the Avengers (the ones Moon Knight has been hallucinating about for weeks) actually show up to have a talk with him. This provides the week’s best panel as Spidey has a question for Moon Knight about his latest tactics. Best of the week.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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