Morning Glories #17

by Alan Rapp on April 4, 2012

in Comics

morning-glories-17-coverThis issue returns us to the mysterious cave, this time from the perspective of Jade and Ike who wait and fight over the state of things while waiting for Casey and Ms. Hodge to miraculously disappear.

In terms of action Morning Glories #17 is decidedly lacking. However, in terms of actually allowing two characters to sit down and honestly discuss their views and question the odd occurrences at Morning Glories Academy this is the best issue yet.

We learn a little more about Jade’s past, the death of her mother, and how she views her ability to peer into the future. Despite Ike’s bravado and cynical taunts, he does manage to raise a couple of important points about Jade’s view of herself and the school. We’re also, quite unexpectedly, given a rather large hint at the identity of the mysterious ghost.

A strong issue, and a darn good read, that actually answers some questions as well as continues the mystery. Worth a look.

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