Morning Glories #24

by Alan Rapp on February 17, 2013

in Comics

morning-glories-24-coverThe latest super-sized issue of Morning Glories centers around Ike‘s relationship with his estranged father Abraham. Over the course of the issue we’re shown several flashbacks of Ike and his father including the first time the young man murdered him.

With Abraham now a prisoner of Mr. Gribbs, the Morning Glories Academy stooge tries to pressure Ike into killing his father again (this time a little more permanently) by threatening the life of Jade should he refuse. By the end of the issue Ike’s cunning wins out, but it also leaves both Jade and his father in a precarious situation as the young man demands the answers to questions that have been kept from him his entire life.

Although Morning Glories #24 doesn’t answer any of the big questions the series has kept under wraps for two years it does provide some background to Ike and one hell of a cliffhanger that should promise real answers whenever the comic returns to this storyline. Worth a look.

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